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    nissan frontier

  • Nissan Frontier is the name for the D22 and D40 generations of Nissan pickup trucks in North, Central and South America and the Philippines. The line was started in 1998, and its immediate predecessor is the D21 Nissan Hardbody truck.


  • A heavy petroleum fraction used as fuel in diesel engines
  • An internal combustion engine in which heat produced by the compression of air in the cylinder is used to ignite the fuel
  • an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil
  • German engineer (born in France) who invented the diesel engine (1858-1913)
  • Diesel was a Dutch pop/rock group that became one of the few Dutch acts to chart in the U.S. when their song “Sausalito Summernight” entered the U.S. Top 40 in 1981.

nissan frontier diesel

nissan frontier diesel – Fram TG7317

Fram TG7317 Tough Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter, Pack of 1
Fram TG7317 Tough Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter, Pack of 1
Oil that lubricates and cools the engine is picked up by the engine’s oil pump, cleaned by the oil filter, and reused. It is vital that any dirt or contamination picked up by the circulating oil be removed before it is pumped back into the engine.

The FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filter is designed to keep your engine clean under the toughest and dirtiest of driving conditions. The filter utilizes a cellulose/synthetic filter media blend that contains 9% more synthetic fibers than competing filter models. Along with its anti-drainback valve, which holds a reserve of oil in the filter to help protect the engine during startups, this feature allows the Tough Guard Oil Filter to provide 6 times more engine protection than the average leading economy oil filter and maintain up to 7,500 change interval. Couple this with easy installation and the non-slip Sure Grip outer shell of the filter and you have unsurpassed engine protection necessary for the toughest conditions.
FRAM Tough Guard oil filter box front Illustration of the filter media built into the FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filter
Six times the engine protection, startup protection and more.
View larger. Comparison of FRAM oil filters to each other as well as the average economy brand
Compare the FRAM product line to the competition.
View larger.
Superior Engine Protection
Advanced features built into the FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filter allow for superior engine protection, regardless of how tough the conditions. First, there is its filter media. Cellulose is the most commonly used filter material utilized in oil filters. The strength of this natural material is that it presents a random and irregular field of fibers to motor oil, trapping dirt, yet allowing oil to pass though. But as good a filtering agent as cellulose is, by itself, on average cellulose can only deliver about 80% dirt-trapping efficiency. Like many FRAM oil filters, and some competing models, the Tough Guard Oil Filter improves on the strengths of cellulose by blending it with microscopic glass synthetic fibers. Together this composite filtering media creates small windows that are able to trap the smaller dirt particles missed by other oil filters, without affecting the flow of oil. What sets the Tough Guard apart is that it uses a 9% higher level of synthetic media, providing 6 times more engine protection than the average of leading economy oil filters. This increase in dirt-trapping efficiency and its dirt-holding capacity allows it to achieve an unsurpassed 99% dirt trapping efficiency rate.
In addition to filtering media designed to protect engines while they run, the FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filter also works to protect your engine when the your car is idle via its built-in silicone anti-drainback valve. Designed to hold a reserve of oil in the filter, this features helps protect the engine during startups by allowing the engine access clean, filtered oil at a time when its components may be lacking it, and need it most.
Quick and Easy Installation with “Sure Grip”
The FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filter utilizes the FRAM exclusive no-slip Sure Grip feature. This textured application to the top of the filter makes it much easier to grip during installation and removal – even with oily hands. Steps for installation of the FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filter are simple and include:
Illustration of the installation steps of the FRAM Tough Guard oil filter
Easy, no-slip installation.
View larger. Unscrew the old oil filter and clean mounting base.
Apply film of clean oil to filter gasket. Do not use grease.
Screw new filter on until gasket reaches base. Then tighten according to instructions on filter using tightening guide markers.
Add oil to “full” on dipstick. Idle engine for five minutes and check for leaks.

FRAM filters are warranted against defects in design, materials and workmanship. New vehicle warranties remain in effect when FRAM filters are installed according to directions on FRAM filter packaging and replaced at least as often as vehicle manufacturer’s recommended change intervals.
About FRAM
Today FRAM is known as America’s number one oil filter brand, and the FRAM team continues to manufacture and market a variety of quality oil, air and fuel filters, as well as many automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators.
1. VS LEADING ECONOMY FILTERS’ AVERAGE. FRAM Engine Protection ratings are based on multiplying an oil filter’s dirt-trapping efficiency by its dirt-holding capacity.
2. Honeywell testing of filter efficiency and capacity of models equivalent to PH8A, 3387A and 6607 under ISO 4548-12 for particles > 20 microns. Engine protection is the FRAM measure of a filter’s ability to not just trap dirt but hold it for the life of the filter.
3. Honeywell testing of filter efficiency (using FRAM XG3387A and XG8A average) and dirt holding capacity (using XG8A average only) and their leading economy filter equivalents under ISO 4548-12 for particles > 20 microns.
4. Follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. 10,000-mile change interval under normal driving conditions using fully synthetic motor oil.
* Note: All FRAM filters are compatible with all the oil types listed.

Nissan Pickup D21

Nissan Pickup D21
Nissan Pickup D21 with the diesel 2663 cc TD27 engine producing 85 PS and 177 Nm of torque.

Navara Outlaw 2.5d

Navara Outlaw 2.5d
2004 Nissan Navara Outlaw 2.5d

nissan frontier diesel

Dee Zee DZ91752SB Long Rectangle Transfer Tank - Black Steel
Dee Zee Transfer Tanks – A safe and convenient means for transporting non-flammable liquids. Steel, protected by black NRT (No Rust Tech.) rust inhibitor powder coat finish. Radius curve design eliminates key weld pressure points. Feature stability baffle, lockable cap, 3/8″ drainage plug, and venting coupler. Tanks are intended for private use (non-commercial).Not designed for use as an auxiliary fuel system. Not for use with gasoline. Does not meet title 49 of the United Stated Federal Registry.